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3-hour & 8-hour Adventure Race in Wausau, Wisconsin

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Mandatory gear list for both 3-hour and 8-hour races:

Full Time Mandatory Team Gear: 1 per team must be carried at all times

Cell phone with dry bag (for emergency use only)


First aid kit


Waterproof map case or means to keep maps/instructions dry

Full Time Mandatory Individual Gear: each team member must have the following at all times

Backpack or means to carry all gear


Hydration system to carry at least 50oz of water

Space blanket

Food to last duration of race

Mandatory Team Biking Gear: 1 per team must be carried on all biking sections

Mini bike pump or CO2

Tool kit for repairs, e.g. changing flat/chain repair

Mandatory Individual Biking Gear: each team member must have the following on all biking sections

Bike - mountain bikes are highly recommended for 8-hour racers, as portions of the race will be on single track trails. 3-hour racers will only be biking on pavement.

Flashing red tail light

Bike helmet

Spare bike tube

Mandatory Individual Paddling Gear:

Canoes, paddles, and PFD’s will be provided

All racers must use the canoes provided by the race. 3-hour racers must use the canoe paddles and PFD’s provided by the race. 8-hour racers may bring their own paddles and/or PFD’s which will be transported by race staff, or may use the canoe paddles and/or PFD’s provided by the race. PFD’s must be Type I, II, or III.

Recommended Gear

Long sleeve synthetic shirt

Writing utensil

Warm hat

Waterproof jacket

Long pants/tights

Bike gloves

Bike odometer

Extra change of clothes

Dry bag


Bug spray


Bike patch kit

Duct tape

Prohibited Equipment



Communication devices other than sealed cell phone for emergency use

Motorized means of transportation