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3-hour & 8-hour Adventure Race near Wausau, Wisconsin

Saturday, May 26, 2018

How will the race be split up?

You should expect some of the disciplines of the race to be spit up, for example: trek/run 2k, bike 6k, paddle 5k, obstacle course, bike 6k, trek 3k.  You will find out the exact order of the race at check-in when you receive your map and race instructions.

We’ve never done anything like this, how hard is it?

A team of new racers will likely be out there for the full duration of the race, with the possibility of not getting all the checkpoints.  While this amount of time may seem long, you’ll likely find that the race flies by, as you’ll be transitioning between disciplines throughout the day.

Can team members split up different sections of the race between them?

Team members must stay together at all times throughout the duration of the event; it is not a relay.

Will the race be the same as last year?

No!  We have a brand new course in store for racers.  Racers who competed in our event last year will be in new locations where they have never raced before.  Expect new CP locations, bike routes, paddling routes, and trekking sections.

What kind of bike do I need?  Will I be ok on my cross bike/hybrid?

Mountain bikes are highly recommended for 8-hour racers, as portions of the race will be on single-track mountain biking trails.  The biking will be a mix of gravel roads, double-track trails, and pavement.  Having a cross bike/hybrid will make the single-track section(s) and possibly the double-track more challenging, but still doable. The biking for the 3-hour race will be a mix of gravel double track trails and pavement. We would not recommend road bikes for this years course.

How are teams ranked?

Finish rank will be determined by the team who collects the most checkpoints in the fastest amount of time.  In other words, teams who get to more checkpoints but finish later will be ranked ahead of those who collect less checkpoints and finish earlier.

Will there be places where we leave our bikes, and will they be safe?

There will be transition areas during the race where you will leave your bike and biking gear to go out on a trek or paddle.  While there will be volunteers at these transition areas watching bikes and gear, we cannot guarantee the absolute safety of your equipment.  We recommend you label all your gear and lock up anything you are truly concerned about.

Will maps be provided or do we need to bring our own?

All the maps you need will be provided.

Will we be required to plot UTM coordinate points on our maps for this race?

No!  Maps will be pre-plotted with checkpoints.  You will receive these maps at check-in.

Will water be available at the transition areas?

Yes, water will be available at the main transition area for both races, and at least one other TA on the course for the 8-hour race.

Can we bring our own canoe and paddles?

All racers must use the canoes provided by the race. 3-hour racers must use the canoe paddles and PFD’s provided by the race. 8-hour racers may bring their own paddles and/or PFD’s which will be transported by race staff, or may use the canoe paddles and/or PFD’s provided by the race.

Will we have access to gear we leave at our car once the race starts?

Don’t count on it.  Plan on bringing everything you need with you for the duration of the race.  For example, if you wear cycling shoes, you may want to consider a way to carry your trekking shoes.  You will not need to carry biking gear on non-biking sections.

What do we do if we get lost?

Recovering from getting lost is a big part of the sport.  We’ve all been there!  You will always be fairly close to roads and major trails.  It is a good practice to keep a recovery plan in mind, so that if you get lost, you know which direction to go to get to the nearest known point.

Why does the 3-hour race start at 1pm and the course closes at 5pm?  Isn’t that a 4-hour race?

We expect most teams to take 3 hours or less to clear the 3-hour course this year, however, based on feedback from previous years we want to give teams that need more time the option to try and clear as much of the course as they want to, so we are keeping the 3-hour course open for 4 hours.

Are both the 3-hour and 8-hour races part of the Wisconsin Adventure Racing Series?

Yes!  To complete in this series of ten races throughout Wisconsin, simply sign up for this or any of the races in the series.  More info at:  www.wisconsinadventureracingseries.com

Can we add a team member to a 2-person or 3-person team after we’ve already registered?

Yes!  You can add a team member to your team until registration closes.  Just send us an email with your team name, the new team member’s name, email, and shirt size, and then submit payment for an additional one person on the registration page. T-shirts may not be guaranteed after a certain date.

I’m interested in doing the race, but need help finding a team to race with.  Can you help me find some teammates?

Post on the Wisconsin Adventure Racing Teammate FinderHelpful things to list include that you're interested in doing this specific race and what distance; the 3hr or 8hr (or either!). Also, what your athletic ability is; are you looking to win, finish middle of the pack, or just make it through the race?

Who is putting on this race?

Tim Buchholz and Anna Nummelin of the Rib Mountain Adventure Club have been adventure racing together for over 12 years, and have helped put on numerous races.  Their team, Rib Mountain Racing, consistently ranks among the top 10 adventure racing teams in the country, and finished #1 in the USA in 2016.  They are thrilled to bring their love of this sport to the greater Central Wisconsin community.

Where will net proceeds from this event go?

Net proceeds from this event will go to the UW-Marathon County Foundation Student Scholarship fund,

helping make higher education affordable for all.